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PROCEL - Gluta-Leucine Green Apple 33 Servings 400 g
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  • Industry’s first Anabolic/Anti-catabolic formula
  • 5g fermented L-Leucine to promote Anabolism
  • 5g fermented L-Glutamine to prevent Catabolism
  • Clean-source, Vegan & Fermented Amino Acids
  • PROCEL standard Full declaration label including total sugars and not just “Added Sugar” (added sugar is table sugar)
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Attribute Value
Flavor Green Apple
Veg / Nonveg Veg
Serving Size 12.2 g
No. of Servings 33
Protein/ Serving (g) 0
Cost Per Gram Of Protein (Rs.) 0
Carbs/Serving (g) 0
Key Ingredients L - Leucine, L - Glutamine
Cost Per Serving (Rs.) 0
Brand Procel


LEUCINE has been shown in dozens of studies to play a pivotal role in Muscle Protein Synthesis, the body’s natural anabolic trigger, which converts food protein into muscle tissue (Anabolism). GLUTAMINE on the other hand, plays an important role in preventing muscle breakdown (Catabolism) for hard training Athletes, Runners and Dieters. Both Leucine and Glutamine are heavily depleted during periods of intense exercise and while restricting calories (dieting).


GLUTA-LEUCINE was designed for the Athlete- both endurance and weight training. GLUTA-LEUCINE provides a fully dosed 10G of the anabolic/anti-catabolic amino acids Leucine/ Glutamine in an optimal 1:1 ratio to give you a unique 1-2 punch in supporting your speed and performance goals, both on the field and in the gym.

PROCEL GLUTA-LEUCINE uses only the best and most bioavailable amino acids in the industry. Our All-Vegan Amino-acid line is manufactured using a unique fermentation process, which produces a cleaner, clearer molecule as opposed to most other products on the market. All PROCEL amino acids are micronized for superior absorption.



  • Stack PROCEL Gluta-Leucine with PROCEL PRO-STANDARD 100% WHEY post-training for optimum muscle building and recovery. Pair this anabolic/recovery stack with PROCEL 100% Fermented BCAA PLUS+ during intense training sessions to maximize your efforts.
  • PRO-STANDARD 100% WHEY Morning and Post Workout
  • 100% Fermented BCAA PLUS+ Intra or Post Workout



Add ONE SERVING (1 scoop) to 200ml of cold water and drink first thing in morning and before bedtime. For the Unflavoured variant of GLUTA-LEUCINE, add ONE SERVING (1 scoop) to your morning and evening protein shakes.


  • GLUTA-LEUCINE is an anabolic/anti-catabolic amino acid blend with Glutamine to Leucine ratio of 1:1 which stops catabolism and induces anabolism


Q.2 What is the importance of consuming GLUTA-LEUCINE?

  • GLUTA-LEUCINE stops muscle protein breakdown, induces recovery and promotes muscle protein synthesis. GLUTA-LEUCINE is designed for the elite athletes involved in endurance and strength training


Q.3 What is Micronized and Fermented GLUTA-LEUCINE and what are its benefit?

  • GLUTA-LEUCINE is manufactured using a unique fermentation process which produces cleaner, clearer molecules. It is also Micronized which leads to superior absorption of both the amino acids.       


Q.4 Who can consume GLUTA-LEUCINE?

  • It is designed for anyone who is involved in endurance and strength training


Q.5 Will GLUTA-LEUCINE help me gain muscle mass?

  • LEUCINE has been shown in dozens of studies to play a pivotal role in Muscle Protein Synthesis, the body’s natural anabolic trigger, which converts food protein into muscle tissue (Anabolism).
  • 60% of total amino acid pool in muscle is made up of Glutamine.
  • It does not play a role in muscle protein synthesis. But has an anti-catabolic effect under stressful condition and prevents breakdown of existing muscle mass.
  • It is an anti-catabolic amino acid.


Q.6 Are there any side-effects of GLUTA-LEUCINE?

  • It is a simple amino acid product.
  • However, do check other ingredients mentioned on the label to rule out any ingredient which you may be allergic to.


Q.7 Can GLUTA-LEUCINE be consumed by vegetarians and Vegans?

  • They are All-Vegan-Amino-Acids
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